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Your wedding day will pass so quickly, it'll seem like something of a blur to you both. So whilst the matter of photography might not seem that important when you’re trying to focus on other things, once your vows are taken and you’ve beaten those post-planning blues, your wedding photographs will be all that is left to remind you of your special day. Aside from your newly acquired spouse, the pile of gifts and a fading honeymoon tan of course.

So consider beautiful wedding photographs one of the best investments in priceless memories you can make, and just bear in mind that there really is no point in buying that beautiful gown, or traveling in style or celebrating in a luxurious setting, if you don't guarantee that every last moment is recorded for prosperity, and for the grandchildren of course.

If you are on a budget or simply feeling overwhelmed with the vast choice of wedding photographers available, we’ve put together an article on what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

And one more advantage to be taken into consideration when using Confetti Shots: Martyn and I work together as a two-photographer, husband and wife team (find out more About Us).

This means we can offer something that other solo photographers simply can't – the ability to catch every viewpoint throughout your entire wedding day. This not only offers a more comprehensive and discreet coverage, it also guarantees you many more beautiful images for the same highly competitive price.

Confetti Shots Wedding Prices

Starting prices from just £995 and all wedding packages include the following:

     * An initial consultation in the run up to your wedding day, so that you can find out a little more about us and we can get a better understanding of what you are both looking to achieve on the day.

     * A highly experienced husband and wife team who can cover your entire wedding day, right through from the earliest preparations at home to the final dance at your reception venue.

     * A choice of between 300 to 600 beautiful photographs in both the highest quality 'colour' and 'black and white' format.

     * Each image is edited by hand for beautiful skin tones and great colour and retouching applied.

     * With album packages - only the highest quality, handcrafted wedding albums are used to display your photographs – all of which are beautifully printed for optimum contrast and colour on photographic paper that will not fade for at least 75 years.

     * The rights to keep ALL high-resolution digital files of shots taken on the day (300-600), when choosing a package that include the digital files. This gives you the opportunity to reproduce any of your favourite photographs - whether that might be reprints, enlargements, canvases, additional albums or even personalised thank you cards - at no extra charge. So whilst the initial package may cost a little extra upfront, it does offer excellent value long-term.

     * A secure online gallery of your wedding photographs, so that friends and family can view and safely purchase their favourite shots, wherever they might live in the world.

There is no VAT or extras on our prices and we carry full insurance for your protection.

Please enquire for details of our wedding packages