An image a day

Day 150

I love this image of Martyn's. The bride is hugging a guest while the groom is belly laughing with a guest. A great moment captured with a Nikon D750 and a Nikon 70-200mm lens at f2.8.

Day 149

The bride is hugged by a wedding guests. I love the expressions in this image.

Day 148

I love the dark moody lighting on this one of the bride taking a twirl. Photographed with a Fuji XT-2 and 16-55 f2.8 lens.

Day 147

The bridesmaid put the veil over the brides head, just before she goes into the church. This image is nicely framed by the lych gate.

Day 146

A wedding outside on an ideal barmy English day. The couple are enjoying the readings.

Day 145

The couple have just wed at Oxford Oratory, the bride looks so happy and the groom looks at her with such love.

Day 144

signing the register at Lains Barn

A photograph of the bride and groom signing the wedding register. In this image I've included all the wedding guests in the background. The shoot is framed by the brightly coloured pom poms. Taken at Lains Barn in Wantage.

Day 143

speeches at Ardington House

This image is all about the brides reaction to the speeches.

Day 142

For me wedding photography is all about expressions. the bride gives the look that says 'Wow I've done it' as she walks down the aisle with her new husband. Captured at Saint Mary & All Saints Church, Beaconsfield.

Day 141

military wedding at Lains Barn

A directed but not posed image of the couple taken at Lains Barn. We are the recommended photographers at Lains Barn and so shoot there a lot. In black and white this image is about the emotion and the details of their outfits, his military uniform and the beautiful lace detail of her dress.