Graig and Renata - wedding photography at St James, Sevenhampton and Shrivenham Memorial Hall

Most of our friends are already married, so we were very excited to be invited to a wedding as guests, watching someone else do all the hard work. During the service, we noticed they only had a videographer at the front of the church filming the service. There was no sign of a photographer. I took a few image on my Fuji with the 35mm f1.4 lens using the silent shutter. It was a beautiful church and I wanted them to have some record of it. I may be biased but memories fade and photographs are all that is left.

After the service the videographer disappeared and it dawned on us that they was no official photographer, Now I know I'm biased but I think this is a big mistake. Keen amateurs, affectionately known in the industry as Uncle Bobs, just don't have the knowledge of lighting and the experience to anticipate the moment. The groups were repositioned in more flattering light and we took more candid images than we were intending throughout the day. Luckily our kit was in the boot of the car

Here is our view of the their day, not as official photographs but as guests.